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Prices are subject to change. Prices for existing reservations will be honored.
Reservations must be prepaid 24 hours in advance and rates are dictated at that point

Cancellations  require 24 hour notice; a refund will be issued in full less a processing fee of $5.
Refunds will not be issued for reservations cancelled in less then 24 hours.
Fee of $20 will be added to the shuttle fare for "same day" reservations




* Indicates flights departing before 7:35am and arriving after 5:00pm

WE DO NOT CURRENTLY provide shuttles for flights arriving after 9:00pm, Except Riverton Arrivals  


Prices are one way per rider. 

Children under 5 are free.

The bus will wait up to 1 hour for delayed flights, without additional charges. After that, if the bus can wait, passengers will be charged
$ 25.00 per hour for standby time.

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